A Profile on Brian David Crane: Success May Start with Sticking to a Mentor

Back when Brian David Crane was a child, he wanted nothing more than a bright yellow mountain bike. Instead, he got a lawn mower. Brian David Crane is an esteemed entrepreneur. He has invested and developed many projects in his many years of being in the business, and he has seen a whole lot of projects fail miserably. Yet, through every failure, he saw the silver lining. He saw a success waiting to happen if only he did this instead of this. If he zagged instead of zigged, he could potentially have a million-dollar enterprise.

Fortunately, crane internalized all these mistakes and created a wake of both incredible successes and bombastic failures. It took some time, but he figured out the formula to success is perseverence and finding the right mentors. He has always openly admitted that mentors may make the difference between success in one’s twenties or forties. Most of the things taught by mentors will be learned over time if someone sticks to it. But, the right mentor can save a lot of heartbreak.

He moved to Silicon Valley during a huge technological bubble, and managed to get connected with a masterful team. He entered the web space, and learned how to take web-based tech firms and turn them into wild successes. He scaled Archives.com from a small little concept to a major contender in web content. He eventually sold that business for $100 million. He also developed Luckygunner.com from a small ammunition supply niche to a major contender and the market leader.

What can budding entrepreneurs learn from the past of Brian David Crane? Having two first names is better than one? Do not ask for a mountain bike? In all seriousness, Crane is a veteran in entrepreneurial business, and his dedication to collaboration is a vital asset for many people. He is currently contacting and working with talented people to build a network of reputable business leaders. It may start with one, but it always ends with a full team of like-minded people with varying talents. Contact him or visit the profile for Brian David Crane. reach out to his team to get connected to a larger network of success stories.